Creativity, Innovation & New Businesses

Creativity, Innovation & New Businesses

10 July 2017 - 27 July 2017

In cooperation with IBS - Saõ Paulo (Brazil)

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  • ObjectivesOpen or Close
    The course analyses in-depth strategies and managerial practices adopted by medium-size firms competing in the global market. Some of these companies reached leadership positions within their own sector and their brands are globally well-known.
    Through the analysis of some successful case studies, the course will emphasize the role of creativity and entrepreneurship in defining the strategy, of the top management team in implementing the strategy and facing competition, and of innovation policies in competing around the world. This course is an advanced one: basic knowledge about strategy and organization is required.
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  • MethodologyOpen or Close
    The didactic methodology used for the course will be of an active type, oriented to an effective involvement of participants and aiming to develop their creativity and decision making capacities. It will extensively take advantage, in particular, of the use of case studies, works and discussions in small teams and of role playing activities. Continuous reference will be made to real life situations. 
    The methodological approach will also feature the importance of the participants’ experience and contribution.
    The program is scheduled in class lessons for almost half of the time and in project works and company visits for the remaining time.  
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  • Program Open or Close
    1st week: Entrepreneurship
    Personal characteristics and skills which foster entrepreneurial and managerial performances and enhance firm competitiveness; developing and improving these skills. Company Visits and Project work.
    2nd week: Business Models
    How enterprises work, deal with the competitors and, generally speaking, compete in the global economy; which activities firms perform, how they perform them, how they create superior customer value (low cost or differentiated products) and put itself in a position to appropriate the value. Company Visits and Project work.
    3rd week: Creativity & Innovation
    Organizational processes which improve the ability to innovate products and services; skills needed to increase the orientation to innovation. Company Visits and Project work. Graduation Ceremony.
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  • Company visitsOpen or Close
    A number of guided visits to outstanding local companies will complement the training.
    During the visits, particular attention will be paid to learning with practical experience, from different points of view, what is taught in the room lessons.
    Participants will have the opportunity to meet officials, managers or owners and to know what services are being provided by the different companies, what and in which way they are producing, the problems they have to face with, the eventual adopted solutions, etc. The selection of the companies for the visits will be finalised before the start of the courses according to company availability and students profile. 
    Additionally the program features a study trip to Geneve, organized by IBS – SP, to visit WTO headquarters.
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  • FacultyOpen or Close

    A team composed of University professors, professional trainers and company managers (all of them experienced in management training and skilled in English language) will be in charge of the training activities. Therefore, “academic” knowledge and “on the field” knowledge will be linked to produce a mix of rigorous theoretical managerial basis and expert performance.

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  • AccomodationOpen or Close

    Participants are free to choose and book their accommodation according to their preferences.
    Suggested accommodation are Hotel Valmarana Morosini and Best Western Hotel.

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  • Participation fees and application processOpen or Close

    For information about participation fees, discount policies, scholarship availability and application process please click “Learn More” and fill in the form. Requests for information will be processed by IBS – SP, except those submitted by students resident of Italy which will be processed directly by Fondazione CUOA.

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  • LocationOpen or Close
    Lectures will be held at Fondazione CUOA’s headquarters in the Villa Valmarana Morosini, a magnificent 18th-century Venetian Villa located in Altavilla Vicentina, in the outskirts of the city of Vicenza (50 Km West of Venice and 50 Km East of Verona).
    The villa was designed by architect Francesco Muttoni (Palladian school) and is equipped with all the necessary facilities to carry out its cultural and academic activities: a 250-seat conference room for meetings and conventions, classrooms, study rooms, computer labs and a library. 
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Creativity, Innovation & New Businesses

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