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International MBA

4th edition, November 2017 – July 2018

in English

Your gate to global business.

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  • ObjectivesOpen or Close
    At the end of the training path participants will have: 
    - Developed a strong basis of experience, knowledge and specific managerial competencies
    - Gained the ability to understand the evolutionary path of the economic context and the ability to catch the opportunities of the possible future markets
    - Earned the ability to effectively interact with colleagues with different values and cultural models
    - Built a network of long-lasting relationships with people and organizations working in many different countries.
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  • Duration and scheduleOpen or Close
    9 months, full time program:
    • Over 400 hours of in-class lectures
      Class activities will take about 20 hours per week. Lectures will be scheduled mainly from Mondays to Fridays, but some seminars could also be organized on Saturdays morning. Additionally, students will be involved in individual study as well as in developing the project works assigned by the teachers.
    • 3 moths of action project consulting for leading international companies
    • Additional activities such as business games, seminars, business plans
    • Innovation and Creativity Labs
    Participants are expected to attend all classes. The MBA Diploma will not be awarded to participants whose absences exceed 15% of the lessons offered.
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  • Student profile Open or Close

    The International MBA is addressed to highly motivated people, with proven professional experience and interest in operating in international and multicultural environments.
    They should be particularly eager to attain executive positions in medium-sized highly specialized multinational companies where they can make a real impact at the international level, assuming exciting roles and responsibilities.

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  • ProgramOpen or Close
    Core Courses
    • Strategic Management
    • Financial Accounting
    • Quantitative Methods
    • Marketing
    • Organization
    • International Human Resources
    • Project Management
    • Finance and Risk Management
    • Operations and Suplly Chain
    • Innovation Management
    • ICT Management
    • Intercultural Management
    • Corporate social responsability
    • International Strategy
    • International Management
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Intercultural Business Negotiation
    Leadership program  
    • Leadership Tools: develop the abilities and the competencies to became good leaders through the knowledge of the main theories and application.
    • CEO Meetings: encounters with successful CEO and professionals to highlights strategies, attitudes and behaviors that can be successfully improved in a competitive working context.
    Business simulation  
    • Business game & Planning
    • “In company” project works: action project consulting for international leading companies
    • Innovation and Creativity Labs in international enterprises
    Engaging with the world  
    • Globalisation and culture
    • The new geopolitical balance
    • The new markets
    • Marketing in emerging economies
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  • Presentation sessionsOpen or Close
    CUOA Business School presents the third edition of the International MBA: which are the essential competencies for a successfully career in the ‎international‬ environments and how to deal with international and ‎multicultural‬ bussiness challenges?
    Online presentation dates (duration about 30 minutes):
    • new dates will be available soon
    On site presentation dates, held at CUOA Business School exclusively and not carried out online (duration about 45 minutes with the participation of our past students):
    • new dates will be available soon

    Want to participate? Sign up for the session you most prefer.
    Give us confirmation by sending an e-mail to, indicating the day of your choice.
    You'll then receive by e-mail all information needed to get connected to the online platform, to follow the presentation and to share questions.
    You can confirm your participation until the day before each presentation!
    Too busy on the proposed days? Book an individual appointment!
    Tell us which time suits you the best and set up a Skype call with the International MBA's staff.
    Valeria Monarca, International MBA's tutor
    phone number: 0444 333744
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  • Fee and scholarshipsOpen or Close
    The tuition fee is € 21,000.00 + VAT.
    Payment must be made according to the following schedule:  
    1st  instalment: € 6,300.00 + VAT on registration
    2nd instalment: € 5,250.00 + VAT by 15 January 2018
    3rd instalment: € 5,250.00 + VAT by 15 February 2018
    4th instalment: € 4,200.00 + VAT by 27 March 2018.

    Fee reductions 

    10% reduction in the fee for entirely self-funding individuals
    20% reduction in the fee for entirely self-funding CUOA past students
    20% reduction in the fee for residents outside Veneto region
    5% reduction in case of full payment in one installment upon confirmation of participation.

    Country-based Scholarship Program
    • 2 scholarship of 70% of the tuition fee.
    Award criteria:
    • Educational and professional achievements
    • Motivations, as expressed in the motivation letter
    • Country of origin.

    Deadline for application: 2017, May 31st

    Succesful Women Scholarship

    • 2 scholarship of 50% of the tuition fee.
    Award criteria:
    • Educational and professional achievements
    • Motivations, as expressed in the motivation letter.

    Deadline for application: 2017, May 31st

    For more information, contact the International MBA Team:


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  • Experiencing the Italian lifestyleOpen or Close
    Visit cities of art to expand your creativity and imagination
    Italy means first of all art, history and architecture and visiting its cities is the perfect complement to your studies to trigger your creativity. The Italian cities of art are beautiful in their magnificence. Rome tells the story of ancient times, the Renaissance and the Baroque; Florence is the image of the art of the Renaissance; Venice is a unique with its canals and narrow streets; Milan is the style, the fashion and the design; Naples is music, good foods, charming chaos. Further than the famous places, Italy also offers fabulous small villages with art treasures, churches and museums to be discovered.
    Enjoy nature and foster your sport passions
    The Italian nature gives intense emotions through a natural heritage of plains, hills, mountains, rivers, coasts and lagoons, lakes. There are areas surrounded by a magical silence both for relax and for sport. Many routes to discover charming corners and the colors of nature, in every season. In-door and out-door sports of all types can be played around the year, from diving, surfing and cycling in Summer to Skiing in Winter.
    Cultivate your culture with the best food and wine in the world
    Experiencing excellence in food and wine is the beginning of a journey to learn about Italy, its lands, its people and its history. Italian food and wine are products that enthuses, with a high value of uniqueness and a story to tell, made of culture, seasonality, land and traditions.
    Study at CUOA Business School in the heart of Venetian Region
    CUOA Business School is located in Veneto, a Region at the heart of the European continent and one of the most dynamic economic area in the world. With a very high firm density, Veneto is among the European regions that have the highest percentage of manufacturing value added, and the highest number of employees in technology-intensive industries. CUOA Business School, since 1957, has at a time benefitted from merging with this environment and highly contributed to fostering and advancing its managerial and entrepreneurial culture.


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  • Application processOpen or Close
    In order to apply for the participation in the International MBA it is necessary to:
    - Complete and sign the application form attaching:
    • curriculum vitae
    • passport-size photograph
    • copy of your passport or ID.
    - Send a certified copy of: 
    • university/college degree
    • two letters of reference
    • English certificate (for example TOEFL or IELTS) and GMAT or GRE certificate.
      In case you are not able to provide these certificates, the admission board might exceptionally consider your candidature based on alternative tests and demonstrated capacities.
    Eligible applicants will be contacted for an admission interview, which can be held at CUOA Business School or online via Skype. As soon as the selection process is completed, candidates will receive a formal letter informing them about the result of the selection process.


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  • The Director tellsOpen or Close

    Why an International MBA at CUOA Business School?

    "New and constantly evolving competitive scenarios call for a new breed of international managers, open to the world and skilled in understanding emerging economic, technological, geopolitical and social trends. They need to be agile, capable to effectively perform in different organizational cultures as well as able to shape and drive new organizational settings.
    To prepare these managers, we have designed the CUOA Business School International MBA, combining most updated academic approaches and findings, sound management knowledge, and real-world experience from innovative companies successfully operating in the global markets.
    Participants in the International MBA will experience, full-time, not only interactive and challenging classes, but also cutting-edge projects for leading companies, innovation and creativity labs, meetings with experts in different geopolitical contexts, institution leaders and company CEOs. The above, enabling an unrepeatable personal and professional growth opportunity in a thoroughly international and intercultural environment, merged with the best of Italian culture and lifestyle." 

    Paolo Bellamoli
    International MBA Director
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  • JobCareerCenterOpen or Close
    CUOA’s JobCareer Center plays a key role in developing a network between CUOA Alumni and the business community. It aims at creating functional and effective synergy between CUOA Alumni and business partners
    JobCareer Center constantly monitors and supervises the career growth of CUOA Alumni. It conducts job market surveys in order to identify current job vacancies and internship opportunities, with particular focus on employment trends and labour market trends.
    The JobCareer Staff :
    • provides a free recruitment service to employers and recruiters looking for qualified candidates
    • helps companies and recruiters to select candidates directly from the CV Database and connects them with CUOA Alumni
    • constantly updates candidate profiles and their career development
    • supports CUOA Alumni in increasing their visibility and highlights current job opportunities.
    JobCareer Center brings together more than 4,000 Alumni who have obtained a CUOA Master Degree.
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  • Networking Open or Close
    CUOA Business School means a rich community of international professionals, managers and entrepreneurs, spread all over the world. More than 4,000 Alumni who have obtained a CUOA Master Degree support new student's career and continuous developement of the school activities.
    CUOA Alumni currently live and work in all continents.
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  • Teaching methodsOpen or Close
    Besides frontal lectures, MBA students will engage in teamwork, business cases, simulations and exercises. Interaction between lecturers and students and between classmates will be constantly ensured. The participants will immediately implement what they learn, and at the same time they learn how to build a good team as well as how to work efficiently with peers. An e-learning space will be at their disposal to consult the teaching materials and to communicate with classmates, lecturers and assistants.
    Visits to outstanding Italian companies will complement the training. During the visits, particular attention will be paid to learning with practical experience, from different points of view, what is taught during the in-class lectures. The guided visits to the companies will be performed with the involvement of officials, managers or owners of companies, in order to have competent explanations by interested subjects. Participants will have the opportunity to know what services are being provided by the different companies, their strategies, what and in which way they are producing, the problems they face, the adopted solutions, etc. At the end of the visits, a debriefing session coordinated by the tutor or by the project manager will take place at Fondazione CUOA’s premises, featuring a discussion of the experience vis-à-vis the objectives of the training.
    Companies visited by CUOA’s students include leading brands such as: Benetton, Bottega Veneta, Diesel, Ducati, Gas Jeans, GEOX, Lamborghini, Tetra Pak, Zonin, etc.
    Further to company visits, the 2015-2016 edition of the International MBA will feature innovative residential and immersion labs at key international brands such as Brunello Cucinelli, in Solomeo – Perugia – and illycaffè in Trieste.
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  • Faculty Open or Close
    The MBA Faculty includes experienced consultants, professionals, internationally renowned researchers, professors and lecturers. Our faculty members, from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, master a wide range of management topics and teach from a global perspective, how to bringing real-world experience to the program.
    Paolo Bellamoli is International Projects Director of CUOA Business School and has extensive experience in leading internationalization processes and projects, expanding business operations and the markets of private and public organizations.
    Core Faculty
    Bruno Borgia 
    Chartered Accountant and Consultant, former KPMG Partner where he was Responsible for automotive and industrial market for Italy and Head of Middle Market segment for Europe, Middle East and Africa.
    Julie Felker
    Faculty Affiliate and Senior Consultant to the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan.
    Roberto Filippini
    Professor of Management of Innovation, Department of Engineering and Management, University of Padua. Director of the Master in management of innovation, CUOA Business School.
    Lee Freeman
    Associate Professor of Management Information Systems in the College of Business at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.
    Wolfgang H. Güttel
    Full Professor at the Johannes Kepler University Linz in Austria.
    Kamalesh Kumar
    Ph.D., Professor of Business Strategy in the College of Business of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, where he has been teaching graduate courses in Business Strategy and Managing Strategic Innovation and Change since 1993.
    Andrea Pontiggia
    PhD, Full professor of Organization Theory and Design at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy.
    Yadvinder S. Rana                                                            
    Corporate trainer and Professor of Cross Cultural Management at several Universities and Business Schools in the world.
    David Trickey
    David manages Italy’s leading consultancy in developing ‘global people’, with over 50 associates in 15 countries. 
    Andrea Vinelli
    Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management and Service Operations Management at the Department of Engineering & Management at the University of Padova, Italy. Member of the Advisory Board of the College of Business, University of Michigan, Dearborn, USA.
    Tiziano Vescovi
    Full professor of Management at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy. Director of the School of Asian Studies and Management Ca’ Foscari University.
    Andrea Beretta Zanoni
    Full Professor of Business Strategy at the Department of Business Economics of the University of Verona.
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  • F.A.Q.Open or Close
    Frequently Asked Questions 
    MBA program
    1- How long is the MBA program and when does it start? 
    2- In what language is the MBA held?
    3- Do I need to speak Italian?
    4- What is the expected personal commitment? 
    5- Do I have to pass exams in order to get the MBA diploma?
    6- Do I need a computer?
    7- Do I have to complete an internship in order to get the MBA diploma?
    8- What are the requirements for applying?
    9- How will I be notified of my admissions decision and when? 
    10- Is there a minimum required GMAT/GRE and/or English certificate score?
    11- What if I am not able to provide a valid GMAT/GRE certificate?
    12- Do I have to come to the School for my interview?
    13- What is the cost of the MBA Program?
    14- Are there scholarships as coverage for International MBA tuition fee?
    15- What are the practices for obtaining a visa to study in Italy?
    Studying at Fondazione CUOA
    16- What is the cost of living in Italy?
    17- Where is Fondazione CUOA located? 
    18- Where can I stay during the MBA?
    19- Can I visit you and talk in more detail about the Program? Can I contact you via Skype?
    MBA program
    1- How long is the MBA program and when does it start? 
    The International MBA will start on 9th November 2016 and will end on 28th July 2017.
    2- In what language is the MBA held? 
    The International MBA is held entirely in English.
    3- Do I need to speak Italian?
    You are not required to speak Italian to attend the MBA. Nonetheless, if you wish to attend an Italian language course in your spare time, we will be happy to contact our partner language schools for you.
    4- What is the expected personal commitment? 
    The International MBA is a full time course. Participants are expected to be at the School from Monday to Friday and on Saturday occasionally. Participants are expected to attend all classes. The MBA Diploma will not be awarded to participants whose absences exceed 15% of the lessons offered.
    5- Do I have to pass exams in order to get the MBA diploma?
    At the end of each course an evaluation step is foreseen: papers, tests or a combination of the two. Positive results in the evaluations area required. In case of negative results, the opportunity to repeat the exams is offered. This will be explained in details by the lecturers.
    6- Do I need a computer?
    We recommend that you bring your own computer, but Fondazione CUOA is equipped with different computer rooms that students are entitled to use upon request.
    7- Do I have to complete an internship in order to get the MBA diploma?
    You are not required to complete an internship, even though you will participate in different  in-company project works and labs. After your graduation, our JobCareer Center will be happy to assist you in looking for suitable job opportunities.
    8- What are the requirements for applying?
    The requirements are:
    - Proven professional experience
    - An English certificate, preferably TOEFL or IELTS (except for mother-tongue English speakers and for those who took their degree in English or have significant professional experience in an English-speaking country)
    - Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE). If you are not able to provide a valid GMAT/GRE certificate by the application deadline, the admission board might exceptionally consider your candidature based on alternative tests and demonstrated capacities
    - Two letters of reference about candidate’s professional and/or academic background
    - A completed and signed application form
    Download the application form
    9- How and when will I be notified of my admissions decision? 
    After you complete your application with the interview, you will be notified in 2 days. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to submit your application the soon as possible.
    Download the application form
    10- Is there a minimum required GMAT/GRE and/or English certificate score?
    A high score in the above tests is clearly an advantage, but admissions will be based on a balanced assessment of the different criteria.
    11- What if I am not able to provide a valid GMAT/GRE certificate?
    If you are not able to provide a valid GMAT/GRE certificate by the application deadline, the admission board might exceptionally consider your candidature based on alternative tests and demonstrated capacities.
    12- Do I have to come to the School for my interview?
    The admission interview can also be held via Skype. 
    13- What is the cost of the MBA Program? 
    The tuition fee is € 20,000 + VAT (22%) to be paid in four installments. Fee reductions and scolarships are possible to qualified and eligible applicants who submit the scholarship application form jointly to the application form.
    14- Are there scholarships as coverage for International MBA tuition fee?
    Scholarships are assigned by CUOA Business School members who are the main representatives of the academic, entrepreneurial, economical, financial and institutional fields, operating in the private and public sector. Scholarships might cover a large part of the International MBA fee.
    15- What are the practices for achieving a visa to study in Italy?
    If you are a non EU/EEA citizen and you intend to study in Italy for more than 90 days, you have to apply for a permit of stay in order to legally stay in Italy with the visa issued by the Italian Consulate/Embassy in your country of origin.
    You must apply for the permit of stay within 8 days after your arrival in Italy. The permit is issued by the local Police Headquarter (Questura) and entitles you to temporarily live in Italy.
    The documentation kit 'Richiesta di rilascio/rinnovo del permesso/carta di soggiorno per cittadini stranieri' which you need to apply for the permit of stay is available at any post office in the city you live in. 
    Studying at Fondazione CUOA

    16- What is the cost of living in Italy?
    It depends on your spending habits, but generally a budget between € 700 and € 1,000 per month will be enough. 
    17- Where is Fondazione CUOA located? 
    Fondazione CUOA is located in Altavilla Vicentina, near the city of Vicenza, in the North East of Italy, at the heart of Veneto Region.
    Learn more about Villa Valmarana Morosini and the Venetian Region
    18- Where can I stay during the MBA?
    Hotel Valmarana Morosini is a residential area next to Fondazione CUOA. Accommodation is available at different rates, but the rate for MBA students can be as low as € 175 per week including:
    - single room
    - breakfast
    - lunch in the canteen form Monday to Friday
    - use of the kitchen for dinner
    - room cleaning two times per week
    - free use of washing machine, dryer and iron
    - free wireless connection.
    Further accommodation opportunities are available in other rented facilities and private houses conveniently located near Fondazione CUOA.
    19- Can I visit you and talk in more detail about the Program? Or can I contact you via Skype? 
    Of course! Fill out the form and contact us to set an appointment at Fondazione CUOA or via Skype


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  • LocationOpen or Close
    Villa Valmarana Morosini, a magnificent 18th century building in Altavilla Vicentina, in the outskirts of Vicenza.
    The villa was designed by architect Francesco Muttoni (Palladian style) and is equipped with all the facilities necessary to carry out its cultural and academic activities: a 250-seat conference room for meetings and conventions, classrooms, study rooms, computer labs, a library and wi-fi Internet connection.
    Vicenza is located in the North East of Italy, in the region of Veneto, known for its strong entrepreneurial context. 
    The address is Via Marconi 103, Altavilla Vicentina (VI).
    How to get here: 
    - from highway Serenissima MI-VE, 5 km from exit "Vicenza Ovest" or exit "Montecchio Maggiore" 
    - from Vicenza train station, by bus n. 12, direction of Altavilla or bus n. 14, direction of Creazzo.
    Fondazione CUOA is 70 km far from Marco Polo Airport of Venezia and 60 km from Valerio Catullo airport of Verona.
    CUOA Business School on Google Maps

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  • ContactsOpen or Close
    International MBA Team
    - Dott. Ing. MBA Paolo Bellamoli, International MBA Executive Director
    - Dott. Valeria Monarca, International MBA Tutor
    - Dott. Elena Forestan, International MBA Tutor

    Telephone +39 0444 333705 / 0444 333744,
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International MBA

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