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Un programma di alta formazione manageriale, innovativo e unico in Italia.

In collaborazione con il College of Business della University of Michigan - Dearborn, USA, prestigiosa Università americana accreditata AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business).
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  • ObiettiviOpen or Close
    Approfondire e/o aggiornare conoscenze e competenze in una specifica area aziendale: Accounting, Finance, Operations Management, Marketing, Organization and Human Resources Management.
    Per ogni area, Professional Paths offre ai partecipanti la possibilità di frequentare dei corsi online MBA del College of Business della University of Michigan - Dearborn. 
    Per ogni corso superato con successo e alla fine del percorso professionale, i partecipanti riceveranno il Certificate CUOA - University of Michigan.


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  • Durata e impegnoOpen or Close

    La partecipazione ai corsi avviene in modalità online. Ogni corso dura 14 settimane, durante le quali è richiesto un impegno stimabile in circa due ore al giorno flessibili. Per frequentare i corsi online previsti nel programma Professional Paths è sufficiente un PC con accesso ad Internet.

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  • DestinatariOpen or Close

    Executive, manager e professionisti interessati ad accrescere le loro competenze specialistiche in un contesto d’apprendimento multiculturale e internazionale.

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  • ProgrammaOpen or Close
    Moduli didattici
    - ACC 505 Developing and Interpreting Financial Information (summer, winter)
    - ACC 555 Cost Management (solo per coloro che hanno superato ACC505; summer, winter)
    - FIN 531 Financial Fundament & Value Creation (solo per coloro che hanno superato ACC505; winter, summer 2016)

    - ACC 505 Developing and Interpreting Financial Information (summer, winter)
    - FIN 531 Financial Fundament & Value Creation (solo per coloro che hanno superato ACC505; winter, summer 2016)
    - FIN 655 International Financial Management (solo per coloro che hanno superato FIN 531; winter)

    Operations Management
    - OM 521 Operations management (fall)
    - OM 571 Supply Chain Management (fall 2016)
    - OM 663 Lean & Six Sigma (summer 2016)
    - MKT 515 Marketing Management (winter)
    - BPS 516 Corporate Social Responsibility (winter)
    - MKT 622 Global Marketing (winter)

    Organization & Human Resources Management
    - OB 510 Organization Behavior (fall)
    - LE 523 Legal Environment for Managers (summer 2016)
    - HRM 561 Human Resource Management (winter).
    Sessioni 2015:
    Summer (maggio – agosto)
    Fall (settembre – dicembre)
    Winter (gennaio – aprile)

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  • Metodologie didatticheOpen or Close
    - Modalità online
    Per organizzare in modo personalizzato e flessibile la partecipazione ai corsi, in funzione degli impegni e delle esigenze individuali.
    - Teoria e pratica
    Per specializzarsi in un’area aziendale, apprendendo le teorie più aggiornate, e, allo stesso tempo, sperimentare e applicare concretamente quanto appreso.
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  • Costi e agevolazioniOpen or Close
    Quota di partecipazione:
    - € 3.600,00 + I.V.A. per il singolo corso
    - € 6.900,00 + I.V.A. per il pacchetto di due corsi
    - € 9.800,00 + I.V.A. per il pacchetto di tre corsi
    - € 12.500,00 + I.V.A. per il pacchetto di quattro corsi.
    La quota di partecipazione per il singolo corso è di € 3.200,00 + I.V.A. per tutti gli ex allievi Master CUOA.


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  • TestimonianzeOpen or Close
    “Forever online because the times they are @-changing. I believe that online MBA courses can be a powerful way to improve your skills/competencies. A better understanding of human behaviour in organizations; sharing knowledge and experiences with people coming from different cultural and professional backgrounds and getting in touch with them almost every day; some practical tools to be used on my job; a better understanding of my behaviour within groups on the job and in everyday life; experiencing a new way of learning. These are the reasons why I really enjoyed my online course at UMD (Organization Behaviour). To get the maximum from your courses you need: a deep desire to learn and broad your knowledge to be more effective on the job; a strong determination to fulfil courses’ requirements, that means working hard; to get pleasure from comparing and sharing ideas with other people.”
    Guido Zilli
    Allievo MBA part time, Responsabile Qualità, Gruppo Dani S.p.A.
    “The Michigan Dearborn School of Management offers a very innovative teaching model, allowing me to combine together different learning channels in the way it best fits my time and attitude. It means: watching web videos on-line; reading excellent books and articles perfectly coordinated; developing logical thinking during my assay and receiving feedback from the teacher; on-line group discussions, a virtual room where all students can compare different opinions and points of view in positive and constructive way. Moreover, this way of learning and interacting with other people is very much linked to today’s business world. I found the Michigan Dearborn on-line training very representative of the business reality: it is like a gymnasium where students, teachers and faculty are achieving a defined goal in an internet technology based environment, you can observe and live the human behavior in these circumstances. And I really enjoyed the Marketing Management training program. Now I can say I have a very good map to improve my ability to take right decisions in a world apparently made by mysterious words.”
    Luca Gianni
    Allievo MBA part time, Service Engineering, Europe Africa Middle East Region Carestream Health Group

    "The online MBA was really a professional challenge: at the time I chose to attend an international on line class I just wanted to keep on my international professional background but it really became extremely surprising and challenging as time going on.
    It was really exciting and motivating dealing  with colleagues of such a high level from different cultures and countries, listening to their different contexts, realize how a business model can be compliant to some countries environment and not consistent with other ones. 
    This “international path” can really help to open your mind to a global perspective, this is the main reason why I would suggest it to everyone working on business."
    Elena Marchiotto
    Allieva Executive MBA part time
    I had never experienced on-line training before joining the Organisation Behavior class at the University of Michigan Dearborn in cooperation with CUOA.
    Honestly speaking, before taking it, I thought that e-learning was fundamentally a compromise which could allow me to receive a class training while I was still working, thus eventually I had to sacrifice something in the process. I must say that was wrong. The quality of the course was very high: both the materials and the teacher provided a strong added value. Moreover, on the side of students’ involvement, I recognise that the overall mechanism of interaction could properly render a “class feeling” despite the fact that the participants were sitting miles away from each other.
    A great experience, which I personally recommend.
    Andrea Aldrighetti
    Allievo master CUOA, HR manager, Pedrollo S.p.A.


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  • PlusOpen or Close
    - Breakout session
    Possibilità di partecipare gratuitamente a seminari di approfondimento su tematiche di attualità organizzati nella sede del CUOA
    - Network internazionale
    Il corso online permette di confrontarsi e interagire con una rete globale di colleghi e docenti ed entrare così a far parte di un sistema vitale di relazioni e incontri.
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  • Modalità di iscrizioneOpen or Close
    - Master CUOA o Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    - Corsi Executive CUOA
    Iscrizione alle selezioni
    L’ammissione è subordinata allo svolgimento di un processo di selezione:
    - analisi del curriculum studi e professionale 
    - test di inglese (esclusi candidati madrelingua)
    - colloquio motivazionale.
    La valutazione dei candidati avrà luogo presso la sede del CUOA, nelle date stabilite dalla Direzione di Professional Paths.
    Iscrizioni al corso
    I candidati ammessi, una volta confermata l’intenzione di partecipare entro i termini richiesti, riceveranno conferma definitiva di ammissione al corso un mese prima dell’inizio e, contestualmente, dovranno provvedere al versamento della quota di partecipazione.
    Termine ultimo per l’iscrizione: 30 giorni prima della data di inizio del corso.
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  • ContattiOpen or Close
    Staff CUOA Executive Education: tel. 0444 333860, fax 0444 333991,
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Professional Paths

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