ICT professions

ICT professions

IT Project Manager
This professional oversees complex Information Technology projects, especially relating to the development of new systems, such as systems for the management and implementation of new applications. They must be able to manage a workgroup and guide it towards achieving goals within the set times and using the allocated resources.

IT Manager
The IT Manager is in charge of the Information Technology Department of a company. They have the ability to supervise and understand all IT aspects involving their company and manage a staff of IT technicians dedicated to the management of various systems. This professional interfaces with other company managers to bring innovations to the company processes and to improve the core activities of the company.

Application Advisor and SAP Analyst
This professional specialises in a particular management system that manages the company’s problems relating to the implementation and development of a management system, overseeing the updates and improving performances. They interface with the various representatives of the individual business lines of the company in order to understand the process dynamics and management procedures that need to be mapped by the system in order to translate them into technical and functional documentation.

Data Scientist
This professional must have a number of skills, in particular relating to understanding the origin of corporate data and to their statistical analysis, and useful to not only give companies a competitive advantage, but also to create new business models.

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