Retail professions

Retail professions

Brand manager
This manager is responsible for planning and controlling the brand strategy.

Category manager
This Manager deals with a category of products and is responsible for them from the time of purchase to the sale. Their goal is to maximise sales of the category by acting on multiple levers, from the display in the point-of-sale, to the price and promotions.

Retail manager
The Retail Manager is crucial for the commercial success of companies in any sector. They set and implement strategies to create a successful business model for retail stores.

Trade marketing manager
This Manager plans and controls the distribution of products, defining their strategies according to the channels managed and developing operational marketing activities.

The Buyer is in charge of purchases (from planning to the management of suppliers) and manages both the supply and the administrative and operational aspects.

Store manager
The Store Manager is responsible for the sales point and manages the commercial aspects as well as aspects relating to administration and staff organisation.

Visual merchandiser
The Visual Merchandiser has the job of enhancing the product in terms of its placement and arrangement in the store, as well as its price.

Digital marketing manager
This Manager deals with promoting the brand and product through online channels. They plan and coordinate all the communication and digital marketing strategies, and define the social media strategy.

Merchandising manager
The Merchandising Manager deals with the purchase, distribution and strategic positioning of the product on the market. The strategic aspect is combined with in-depth knowledge of the products and consumers.

Product manager
The Product Manager is responsible for a product or a line of products, from production to marketing. They coordinate the marketing, production and commercial areas.

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