Funded projects

Funded projects

Funded training and consultancy

CUOA acts as an incubator of ideas and projects that can and should have an impact on public policies, with constant and careful analysis of the scenarios and daily and direct interaction with professionals, managers and entrepreneurs, who become recipients and therefore beneficiaries of the funded projects.
In the face of an ever-changing market, companies need skills that are constantly developed and updated in order to be innovative and competitive.
CUOA is at the disposal of companies interested in receiving funded training and/or consultancy (link type of funded project) and in contributing to the economic and social development of the reference territory. It provides them with information and clarification on the various current projects and initiatives and constantly supports staff in verifying the requirements of eligibility required by the fund provider, in completing the applications and managing the administrative requirements.
CUOA also coaches professionals and companies who want to make use of active workplace tools such as Interprofessional Funds (link to dedicated page – news), for their training activities or for the development of “tailor-made” interventions.
Some examples of possible thematic areas are business strategy and evolution, marketing, sales, internationalisation, operations and supply chain management, lean management, administration, accounting and finance, ICT - information technology, dynamics within the entrepreneurial family or sector or evolutions in tourism, cultural and creative industries and fashion.

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