Tailor-made activities

Tailor-made activities

A personalized approach

CUOA has developed a concrete and flexible approach to optimise resources and times.
One of the main features of our offer is the ability to design highly customised solutions. We engage experts who are able to propose solutions, contents, implementation methods and assessment tools that meet the needs, objectives and expectations of customers.
The analysis part is robust and highly structured and involves top management from organisations. It is aimed at identifying the specific needs and expectations of the company and/or the entrepreneurial family.
The operational part is based on great flexibility in the times and logistics, providing customers with the possibility to create courses within their organisation or in different contexts, including the CUOA headquarters.
The method is highly experience based with the extensive use of cases, simulations, exercises, and project work defined according to the customer’s objectives. The use of these teaching techniques also allows working extensively on the development of social and management skills.


Subjects: strategies and evolution of business, marketing, sales, operations and supply chain management, lean management, administration, accounting and finance, information technology, dynamics inside the entrepreneurial family or other on-demand topics

Professional profiles: entrepreneurs, top management and management figures, managers and heads of departments and areas, collaborators and extended work teams, both in the office and in the production areas

Market segments: banks, industrial and service companies, public administrations and healthcare facilities.

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