Distinguishing Features

Distinguishing Features

Companies and Entrepreneurship

A distinctive feature of our school is the strong link with companies, which finds the utmost expression in the ability to design flexible training solutions that actually meet the needs of those who have built the northeast economic fabric, contributing to making it a point of reference in Italy and the world for its industrial, manufacturing and creative excellences. The work with entrepreneurs focuses on creating an important community: more than 200 business captains, MBA graduates, and CUOA entrepreneurs see our school as a point of reference to develop their businesses and human resources, and more than 2,500 companies come to us to develop the skills of their employees and contribute actively in the development and growth of the school.

Lean Management

The CUOA Lean Enterprise Centre was founded 15 years ago. It is a knowledge centre dedicated to “lean thought” which was created at Toyota. One of the core values of “Lean Thought” is the attention to people, who are the focal point, valued as a source of energy, renewal, creativity in terms of improvement, growth and concrete and shared contribution to business development. Companies have started to turn to our activities with the desire to make a positive change, to achieve new and more challenging goals in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.
The Centre has now succeeded in its important goal to contribute to spreading a Lean Culture and, after 15 years of work, is recognised as an Italian Centre of Excellence on these themes.
Our activities for companies and individuals include research and training, education and awareness-raising, with a distinctive focus, which makes our offer unique in Italy, on soft skills, therefore on the “Japanese” approach to leadership, team work and attention to relationships.

An incubator of ideas and relationships

CUOA is a place of discussion and growth. Over the years, we have worked to make our school an incubator of ideas and relationships, and a reference point that goes beyond the educational offer. We have strengthened our ability to aggregate people and projects. Today we are recognised as an activator of relationships and as a catalyst of experiences and skills, thanks to the numerous activities and initiatives carried out across the territory. The close bond with our interlocutors enables us to deeply understand the needs of companies and people and to always respond promptly, creating excellent sharing and networking platforms and laying the foundations for a relationship of great trust with those who come to us.

Faculty and method

Our teaching staff is made up of managers, professionals, entrepreneurs and academics. We want to ensure a very pragmatic and immediately usable approach and for this purpose we choose teachers with extensive knowledge and experience in the business world and its dynamics.
The teaching methods are also designed to ensure maximum interactivity and extreme concreteness in order to transfer knowledge and skills through application methods and tools that can be applied daily in every workplace. We operate through workshops, company visits, testimonials, group work and outdoor activities.
The teaching activity goes hand in hand with a dedicated web environment, aimed at creating a continuous learning environment even outside the classroom.

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