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JobCareer Centre

About us

The CUOA JobCareer Centre was founded with the goal of creating synergy between the excellence of human capital and the needs of partner companies. We monitor the job market and needs of companies, creating the best meeting opportunities for everyone who has chosen to study at CUOA.
We carefully analyse the career development of our Alumni and promote meetings with companies looking for qualified professionals.

Main features

Search and XXXCUOASELECTXXXion of human resources

The Centre strives to provide companies with a free service for the search and XXXCUOASELECTXXXion of skilled human resources. Companies can choose from the numerous Alumni who have attended an Executive Master or postgraduate Master at CUOA: over 700 companies are registered with the online service


The Centre assist the company in identifying and XXXCUOASELECTXXXing CVs and in the subsequent contact with candidates: a constant link with our Alumni community allows us to be constantly updated on their professional developments 

Meeting opportunities

The Centre create opportunities to meet professionals of different ages, locations, specialisations and work experience.

Online Placement service

Companies registered in the CUOA Placement Service can access the online database in complete autonomy, and screen the CVs without any intermediaries. Registration allows companies to consult the CVs of CUOA Alumni to look for personnel and to send requests for XXXCUOASELECTXXXing trainees from among the current students. The companies registered in this service can post personal advertisements, in both visible and anonymous form.
Registration for companies is free.

Career Day

This is an opportunity for companies to meet CUOA Alumni, where plenary moments dedicated to the presentation of participating companies alternate with one-on-one meetings for individual interviews to XXXCUOASELECTXXX the most suitable candidates.


This service is exclusively for CUOA Alumni. The JobCareer Centre publicises the professional opportunities offered by companies, credit institutes, banks, consulting firms, etc. It is a very effective service because it allows reaching a high number of profiles who can candidate themselves based on the skills and competences that the company is looking for, ensuring maximum coherence of the CVs with the needs expressed. We monitor the applications and match the profiles to the searches in progress to ensure maximum consistency and effectiveness in the contact between the company and candidate.

Opportunity and networking

CUOA community
We believe in the power of relationships and sharing of experiences and professionalism. For this reason, we have created different opportunities for meeting and discussion among people, institutions, companies and organisations through various Theme-Based Communities:
• CUOA Alumni.


“Our collaboration with CUOA has always been a productive and profitable one. Your JobCareer Centre is an excellent platform for recruiting young professionals with high potential and CUOA is an excellent management training centre. It provides a wealth of services for companies and continuous dialogue on different corporate and professional issues. A forward-thinking company seeking to enter world markets must develop and increase its resources, making use of the best structures as a strategic lever to develop its business”.
Franco Collini, Manager of Human Resources and Organisational Development, Morato Pane

“Through the JobCareer Centre we had the opportunity to encounter valid professionals who were searching for a new job challenge. We were able to find candidates who met our expectations and who allowed us to effectively combine, in a very short time, the needs of the company with the expectations of candidates”.
Luigi Mancino, HR Manager, Salvagnini Italia S.p.A

“The collaboration with the JobCareer Centre of the CUOA Foundation has allowed us to make contact with top-ranking professionals and to find training solutions that contribute to the enhancement of the Zobele Group”.
Pietro Molon, HR Business Partner, Zobele Group

“Molino Rossetto has been collaborating with CUOA since 2012. Various positions, from marketing to sales, in the Molino Rossetto organisation are currently held by CUOA Alumni. The most interesting characteristics of the CUOA profiles are excellent preparation, the ability to work in a team and to achieve the goals assigned to them within the set times. We appreciate the maturity with which they approach the job world and their ability to bring new ideas, new proposals and ideas to the company”.
Chiara Rossetto, CEO of Molino Rossetto

“During 2016, we worked closely with the CUOA JobCareer Centre to find brilliant young graduates to join our company and support the Group’s new development strategies. The collaboration led to the identification and insertion of some profiles who are now working in various areas of the company on the development of new areas, markets and projects. We found well-prepared young graduates who were able to think outside the box and who are bringing new approaches to the company. To this are added strong enthusiasm, strong flexibility and an intense desire to learn”.
Andrea Burbello, Human Resources Manager, Vetrerie Riunite

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