CUOA Alumni is a network of entrepreneurs, managers, professionals and young graduates, who are committed to breathing new life into their profession, career development, and personal and professional future, in order to make a concrete contribution to the growth of our school.

The CUOA Master Association was founded on 9 March 1963 with the purpose of “promoting personal, professional and cultural relationships among former students [...]; helping to strengthen the image of the school in the scientific, professional and business world; fostering links between the associations of ex-students of similar schools; representing a contact between former students and the school; representing former students within the management bodies of CUOA, so that the school maintains high educational standards; contributing to the creation of management training by providing a valuable contribution to the preparation of new students with direct testimonies, scholarships, internships in companies where members perform their activities and, however, through all activities and initiatives that lead to higher educational qualifications for Master’s students”.
The association has been updated and renewed. Today CUOA Alumni is an active protagonist of the growth and development of the Business School. We promote opportunities of meeting and dialogue, on a personal, professional and cultural level, enhancing the CUOA Master’s graduates and helping to raise the school’s brand reputation in the world. 

Services and activities

Placement and visibility
Alumni can access the services of our Jobcareer Centre (link) for professional advice, for publishing their CVs, contacting companies, replying to job offers published by companies, participating in placement days and career days reserved for Alumni, and for XXXCUOASELECTXXXing other CUOA master’s graduates for their companies and activities.

- Email updates and news on the CUOA Alumni network
- Breakout session: regular lessons open to Alumni
- Support in searching for and contacting Alumni who may be interested in collaborations, advice or simple exchange of views and ideas
- Support in finding the contacts of our Alumni abroad
- Discounts on training products
- Opportunities to collaborate in the CUOA training programs, as professionals and experts in the sector.

How to join

The CUOA Alumni Association is open to all graduates of the CUOA master’s programs and does not require a membership fee. On graduating, all our students become CUOA Alumni. 


Mirca Toniolo, phone +39 0444 333749; Valentina Danieletto, phone +39 0444 333706, Michela Rossetto, phone +39 0444 333753,

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