Finance Club

Finance Club


The Finance CLUB was set up to promote a vision of finance able to create added value, guiding the business and operating choices of companies and providing adequate support. It is the community of reference for discussion, debate, and dissemination of ideas and proposals on financial issues, involving various players in the economic world: businesses, banks, private equity funds, professionals. 


- To stimulate a network of professional excellence made up of entrepreneurs and financial operators
- To create a point of observation on the dynamics emerging in the area of business finance through the valuable contribution of researchers, operators and consultants, who work in the field each day
- To develop in-depth analysis on specialist themes relating to the needs and developments of an ever-evolving market
- To contribute to affirming the new financial role as a strategic lever of success.

Members of the CLUB will become part of a professional elite in finance, and will be able to acquire significant know-how and expertise thanks to training/education activities and interaction with speakers, testimonies and other members.


Our Finance CLUB develops the theme of finance in companies to support the entrepreneurial choices. The training and awareness-raising activities cover issues such as accounting, strategy, performance management, planning, budgeting and forecasting, growth, mergers & acquisition, risk & compliance. 
It develops the themes of financial planning, management of bank relations, business finance techniques and methods, taxation and business law: treasury, credit and company-bank relationships, choices of financial structure, corporate finance and private equity, company assessment and tax & legal issues.


Mirca Toniolo phone +39 0444 333749, Catia Melison phone +39 0444 333741,

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