Lean Club

Lean Club



“Our members build the future through continuous improvement, we want to keep this commitment alive”.
Andrea Furlan, Scientific Advisor of the Lean Centre, Associate Professor of the University of Padova.

- To become an excellent point of reference in Italy on Lean issues and culture
- To create awareness among entrepreneurs and managers on the need to implement internationally proven contents, methods and techniques within their companies
- To represent a virtuous model of collaboration between businesses and research, training and consulting companies, in the shared view of enhancing experiences and developing the skills necessary to create a competitive business system.



Our Lean CLUB is a network that wants to stand out and distinguish itself. It is designed for:
- companies in every sector, already implementing Lean Management
- entrepreneurial and trade associations interested in developing their internal business activities and/or in promoting a streamlined path of organisation
- credit and financial institutes interested in using Lean Philosophy in their organisations and in contributing to the continuous development of the economic and business system of reference
- Public Bodies that are thinking of implementing Lean Management in their administrative and organisational processes, creating value in services provided to the public.


Our activities meet the needs coming from the knowledge of member companies and from the relationships established and consolidated over time. The Lean CLUB divides its initiatives according to different levels of investigation and involvement:
- thematic workshops: theme-based meetings with Lean experts
- company study tours: visits inside successful companies
- dinner strategies: dialogue between entrepreneurs on issues relating to Lean practices and strategies
- experience in a Lean model factory.


Members of the Lean CLUB may request a Lean Assessment developed by Professor Andrea Furlan, Scientific Advisor of the Lean Centre, conducted in collaboration with the University of Padova.
The aim is to answer any questions the company may have on its “Lean Journey”: where have they arrived, what are their strengths, where can they still improve, we are all aligned and committed to creating a Lean company.


Lean Center, phone +39 0444 333860,

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