Digital Business Society Forum

Digital Business Society Forum

About us

The Digital Business & Society Forum is the evolution of the ICT Forum of the CUOA Business School which, since its inception in 2011, has become an important meeting point for exchanging ideas, experiences and opinions by people involved in the dissemination, development and use of ICT technologies for the growth of the business system.
The pervasive spread of digital technologies and products in every area of human activity is also causing a number of social, economic, cultural, political and institutional changes of a structural nature, radically mutating the approach to culture, work, leisure time and, ultimately, our social life.
The technological component thus joins the social component and, in a broader sense, the participatory aspect of people belonging to the network.
In this environment propelled increasingly by the digital revolution where the global economy requires companies to be more and more effective and competitive, knowing, selecting and using solutions of success and measuring up against those who have already addressed the themes of strategic and operational change become crucial for business development.
Through our Digital Business & Society Forum we propose activities of awareness-raising, education, research and investigation through a specific training offer and we strive to create opportunities for professional, economic and social growth for companies and people who want to play an active role in interpreting the major evolution currently underway. 

Main features


The Digital Business & Society Forum is a place for discussion and debate on innovative and relevant issues for the Digital Society. In keeping with the spirit of our school, we work to foster the sharing of experiences, development of knowledge networks and professional growth of all those involved in the major transformation processes.

Managerial development

The Digital Business & Society Forum helps to create awareness on the strategic value of the ICT manager, it promotes a managerial, strategic and business approach to integrate the high technical skills of the ICT manager with outstanding management skills.

Opportunities and initiatives

Our Digital Business & Society Forum carries out numerous activities aimed at contributing to the growth and development of the Digital Society: meetings and discussions on concrete experiences, aimed at addressing current issues and evolutionary trends, research and investigation activities, training programs aimed at management development, testimonials and focus groups with companies interested in defining new discussion themes.

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