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Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial families

Entrepreneurship can be learned and improved.
Our mission is to be a partner to entrepreneurial families, entrepreneurs and people who want to become entrepreneurs, co-designing training and coaching initiatives, conducting scientific research activities, creating international networks to provide the most up-to-date knowledge and most advanced tools to improve entrepreneurship and its impact on the economy, society and the environment.


MBA for Entrepreneurs

Since 2006, the CUOA MBA for Entrepreneurs has been the management growth course for those who have the daily responsibility to guide people and to manage resources for generating value.

This Master of Business Administration is tailored to the skills and experiences of entrepreneurs, and developed on their need to address innovation, change and market uncertainties in order to seize opportunities and make their businesses more competitive.


Recurrent training for entrepreneurs, family members and administrators

We organise and plan brief meetings on emerging topics. We use an interdisciplinary approach and innovative and participatory methods to provide the skills and knowledge needed to form an idea on the specific topic and to know how to activate the right levers to manage it.


Strategic Advice for entrepreneurial families

We work alongside entrepreneurial families in the design of management development plans, generational transition, and dimensional growth.



We talk directly to entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial families, teachers, experts and scholars.


We give a voice to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial families who have collaborated with the Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Opinions and Comments

We give a voice to teachers, experts and scholars belonging to the network of the Centre for Entrepreneurship.



We develop research on entrepreneurship and family companies, on the organisation and growth of companies and we take a close look at research performed by other institutions and experts.

Why do a leader’s relational skills make a difference?
Based on the date from an analysis of the skills of entrepreneurs in the CUOA MBA for Entrepreneurs, the authors “discovered” the importance of a leader’s relational skills.
Read the article written by Alessandra Tognazzo, Paolo Gubitta and Fabrizio Gerli


The team of the Centre for Entrepreneurship comprises Paolo Gubitta (scientific director), Diego Campagnolo, Alessia Buzzi, Chiara Dal Zotto, Sandra Puicher Soravia.

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