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The Chief Financial Officer, controller, or company treasurer plays a strategic and ever-changing role in an organisation.

In addition to the development and expansion of technical skills, which is indispensable, they are responsible for contributing decisively to define the strategic choices and development of a company. Finance managers are called on to evaluate and analyse the current situation and strategies of a company, the actual and potential income sources and possible lenders, as well as to focus on the management control and analysis of the business performance. They are also required to be more proactive with respect to the definition of possible development directives, even in situations of change, growth, reorganisation, which may also involve specific corporate finance operations. Their role becomes more management oriented than “technical or operational” with a real management dimension and a strategic focus linked to a clear understanding of the business and a strong ability to implement the strategy, also through a capacity for integration and interpretation of the corporate information and use of technology and business intelligence tools.

The CUOA training proposals are designed for CFOs and administration, finance and accounting managers who are already at the top and who need to integrate and update their management knowledge and skills. They are also for controllers, treasurers, and administrators who want to change their professional path by acquiring a broader vision of the business and a set of technical and operational tools essential to make a concrete contribution, and for professionals, accountants and lawyers who want to introduce a strategic approach to their consulting activities in order to evaluate and understand the numbers and financial or legal choices relating to each specific company.

CUOA has developed a full-time specialist master’s program for young graduates or student graduates interested in a financial career, which includes compulsory paid internships.

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