Commercial sales

Working in sales today means being a well-prepared sales consultant, a person who knows how to gain the trust of customers and convey the right points designed to persuade them to make a purchase. The hyper-critical attitude of the customer and easy access to information, also due to new technologies, makes the sales world extremely fluid, at times even insidious.

Online sales are increasing, e-commerce portals as well as businesses that sell through traditional channels or buyer networks, will see their products circulate in different virtual environments, with customer comments, personal opinions and comparisons posted online. A sales manager or sales representative must be able to manage these dynamics in order to capitalise on the positive reviews and give a prompt response to negative reviews.

Wide-ranging skills are needed today, not strictly related to sales techniques, but also to knowledge of marketing dynamics, finance, communication, especially digital communication, and consumer behavioural analysis. For this reason, management skills such as negotiation, conflict management, and the ability to work in teams has become fundamental.

CUOA offers executive courses and training days dedicated to this theme, which is recommended for those who are now working as sales agents and want to grow vertically in the sales department, or for sales managers who want to give new impetus to their professionalism by acquiring a strategic vision of the role that they cover.

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