Custom Programs

The tailored programs are designed to meet the specific needs of companies. The approach is concrete and flexible to optimise resources and times based on the use of effective, customisable and proven methods with the aim of developing technical or management skills according to the company’s directives.

The tailored programs were created by a team of experts who defined values, contents, implementation methods and evaluation tools that meet the needs, objectives and expectations of companies. These programs use different study methods: frontal or laboratory courses organised at CUOA or external locations chosen by the company; corporate academies; conventions, meetings, corporate events coordinated by the CUOA team with the involvement of teachers from the Business School; individual or group assessment; individual coaching on key business figures; check-up of skills to identify areas of intervention within the work teams.

The tailored solutions cover all the typical aspects of a company, such as strategy, lean management, administration, finance and management control, human resource management, marketing and sales, production, procurement and supply chain management, project management, research and development, computer systems and ICT, business innovation and digital business.

The tailored courses and all the programs customised by CUOA for companies aim to develop individual skills, improve efficiency in critical business processes and support any projects of change. The underlying value of each project is the enhancement of human capital and personal resources so that participants can gain greater responsibility within the organisation.

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