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Digital Transformation

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Talking about Digital Transformation today means talking about a highly evolving area of expertise. It is not just a question of very vertical technical skills. On the contrary. we are talking about strategic skills for business development. Technical skills, in the past the exclusive prerogative of IT, today are strongly intertwined with the theme of communication, reading and data management (big data are a real source of wealth for companies), integrated structured analysis, scalable and real-time of all business-related data (business intelligence). All functions are involved. And all managers today must be "digital managers".

Also prominent is the issue of IT security and the need to equip oneself with essential and widespread tools and skills within organizations for the protection of the intangible assets of companies.

The executive courses of CUOA address the issue of the digital revolution from a managerial development perspective, with particular reference to business dynamics and processes, the operational repercussions on decision-making processes, the need to develop digital skills throughout the company management, so that it is the bearer of value for management and strategy definition. They are recommended for function technicians who wish to develop a managerial approach, for function managers who are called to take an active part in the development of the company, for business consultants and IT professionals, for managers and employees of functions involved in decision-making processes or who aspire to make an active contribution to business growth also thanks to specific data governance skills with technological tools and dynamics.

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