The three drivers that have made the difference and have determined the success or failure of companies are internationalisation, market diversification and expansion, and reorganisation. Companies that have been able to look beyond the borders and focus on exports, even in the past when this was not so popular, are those that have been less affected by the current economic difficulties. They need the capacity and determination to question paradigms and models of deep-seated business organisation that are often no longer suited to a reality that has profoundly changed and will never be the same as before. This means, for example, reasoning in terms of alliances and system agreements, of dimensional structures suited to dealing with global competition, of the opening of capital and listing on the stock market in order to support development projects and gain global visibility, valorisation of human capital and adaptation of skills.

For over 10 years, CUOA has been working with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial families, supporting them in their growth process with training activities (MBA, executive courses) and with highly tailored and customised activities.

The CUOA proposals are recommended for those who run a business, of any size, or who belong to an entrepreneurial family, and also for partners or shareholders, who hold management or strategic positions. CUOA supports entrepreneurs who want to diversify their business with start-ups or new business branches.

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