One of the distinctive features of Italy is its commitment to entrepreneurship. The northwest of the country has a wealth of excellences operating in all sectors, from manufacturing to services. CUOA has a strong bond with companies. It has developed a special and distinctive ability to design flexible training solutions that effectively meet the needs of companies and entrepreneurs who have built the economic fabric of the territory and have contributed to making it unique and special. The northwest is a point of reference recognised for its excellent industries, artisans and creativity.

Entrepreneurs are today facing new challenges that require precise and timely decision-making processes and skills in order to deal with innovation, change and market uncertainty and to seize opportunities and make their businesses more competitive. The training courses proposed by CUOA dedicated to entrepreneurship cover topics such as international competition, analysis of the business model and strategy design, new technologies and the ability to manage human capital and to select collaborators.

The offer includes a dedicated MBA and training course and tailored projects for company managers.

For young graduates or student graduates interested in entrepreneurship and start-ups, CUOA proposes the full-time Master of Business Management and the Master of Business Innovation, with compulsory and paid internships.

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