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Executive courses are training programs designed for people with professional experience who are interested in updating, integrating and developing skills and tools to better perform their job.

The training courses are useful for professionals who want to become more competent and prepared for a specific function and more skilled in establishing relationships in order to advance their professional career. They are theme-based and address issues relating to specific business functions, with an approach suitable for any product sector.

The CUOA Executive Training programs are characterised by their high flexibility and ability for customisation through a combination of different training days.

Most of the programs include the development of behavioural skills such as leadership, teamwork, conflict management, time management and interpersonal communication which are useful to support professional growth.

The Executive courses are recommended for young professionals who are building and strengthening their career path, for employees, executives and managers who feel the need to update their knowledge and to learn in a broad, multi-sectorial, multidisciplinary and multifunctional environment. The value of a training course also lies in the ability to measure the return on investment in terms of immediate applicability. Participants will be able to return to their company and look at it with new “eyes,” developing more effective analytical and decision-making skills.

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