The Manager is a top figure called on to manage processes and people, with decision-making functions and strategic responsibilities. Due to their field of expertise, those in a position of functional responsibility must have a broad vision of the company and develop an analytical and critical capacity useful to give concrete support to business development.

Executives (in charge of a department or a first-line professional) perform operational activities, and are responsible for the coordination and development of the business activities. Career development for these professionals is the transition to a managerial position, hence a more strategic and management approach.

In an ever-changing economic environment, it is crucial for these professionals to update and consolidate their technical and specialist skills, interacting and collaborating with teachers, consultants and managers in different roles, experiences and companies.

For managers and department managers who aspire to broader management roles, the development of soft skills is fundamental, which strengthens leadership and the ability to handle complex situations. Personal growth and work on behavioural abilities is essential for consistent professional growth because they offer ideas and reflections that help these professionals to fully understand their strengths and weaknesses and to gain greater confidence within their professional environment and business.

The CUOA proposals for managers and executives are designed to provide managers with updated skills and techniques, to provide executives with solid integrated knowledge and an important environment for exchanging views and ideas on career development.

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