The Food Industry is a driving force of the Italian economy. Italian companies are able to offer competitive and guaranteed products in terms of safety, taste and quality, and to meet the needs of the market which demands and expects a product with a mix of tradition and innovation.

The whole world looks at Italian food and beverages with great interest and admiration, so much so that the foreign market and the weight of exports are in continuous growth. Agri-food and wine products are one of the most significant expressions of “Made in Italy” and are perceived in the world as high-quality productions.

The food industry’s capacity to hold up depends on the ability of companies to change their “skin” and equip themselves with new business models and to the tenacity and expertise of the entrepreneurs and managers who run these companies.

The role of human resources is crucial. The industry needs people who are capable of adapting and pushing for change in order to create organisational and management models able to compete globally. In-depth knowledge of the technical aspects is needed, combined with very solid management and entrepreneurial skills.

CUOA has developed training programs dedicated to this sector, with courses for companies and training courses for entrepreneurs, managers, executives and professionals.

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