General Management

The term management has many meanings: a manager is the person in charge of the management, therefore they are called to guide, evaluate and make decisions within a company, guaranteeing efficiency, value, and productivity. Business management is formed by those who run the company and those who are responsible for the different departments (marketing, sales, finance, operations, project management…).

The search for a management course is linked to goals of career development, to the desire to acquire functional and management skills useful to become key figures in a company or to strengthen a position or role.

A big part of a Management course is dedicated to the development of specialist skills relating to the company functions and to the techniques for the best management of related processes. Another part is dedicated to the development of soft skills such as social, negotiating and leadership skills, which are fundamental to complete the profile of a good manager.

CUOA offers a full-time or part-time Master of Business Administration program, which provides a comprehensive view of the company and its management, and a full-time Master of Business Management program for young graduates and graduate students, who want to learn about the management of a company and develop skills useful to give them multiple professional opportunities.

There are also other types of shorter training courses that can help in career advancement and provide the tools and knowledge needed to make a breakthrough into a new career path.

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