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Study tours are some of the most comprehensive international short experiences offered by CUOA Business School: typically 5-day full immersions abroad, conceived to offer a deeper understanding of the business ecosystem of the chosen country/area. Through an intense field-learning experience, consisting in a thoroughly designed combination of interactive seminars, guest-speaker sessions, company visits, networking activities and - possibly - cultural events, participants have the chance to discover cutting edge business models, managerial tools and success stories. Each trip is generally supported by a pre-departure seminar to ensure appropriate cultural preparation, and a de-briefing seminar to wrap up the most relevant take-aways and share final considerations.

In addition to the above-mentioned inter-company tour offer, CUOA Business School also makes available its experience in the organization of Customized International Intensive Programs, in collaboration with leading international partner institutions.

Programs are jointly designed to provide the international partner’s students with a unique and unparalleled educational journey, blending academic excellence with real-world application. At the heart of the above programs are captivating lectures delivered by world-class faculty members, but what sets our customized international intensive programs apart is the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the Italian culture and practices of leading companies, through carefully curated company visits.
Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to embrace new cultures, and expand their global network
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