Lean Management

Lean Management is the sum of thoughts, methods and procedures aimed at creating value for the customer. Lean focuses on eliminating waste and on spreading a culture of continuous improvement and problem solving. People are the core component of Lean Management. It is necessary to free up and enhance the best business resources in order to reuse them in new strategic challenges, guaranteeing common growth.

The core values of lean are respect for people, sharing, communication; lean relationships are based on modesty, tenacity, constancy, result-oriented without conceit; the typical method is based on servant leadership, the leader becomes a teacher (Socratic method); some of the typical tools are 5S, value stream mapping, Kanban etc.

Lean management is a system of values and behaviours and is part of the business strategy.

CUOA has a centre of expertise called the Lean Centre, which works with companies and people and aims to contribute to the creation of a Lean Society. The Lean Centre carries out diverse activities such as complete and innovative training courses, making use of the collaboration of Italian and international experts: masters, training courses, tailored projects and activities of research, awareness and education. All these activities are recommended for those who hold management or strategic positions, those who perform management duties in companies that have implemented or are in the process of implementing lean transformation principles, those who want to learn more about the lean philosophy in order to become promoters of its application, both in the area of production and services. Lean Management is for everyone.

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