Marketing and communication are constantly evolving. The advent of new technologies, social networks, changing languages of advertising, the need to have an ever-watchful eye on the market and its rapid evolutions, the changing habits of buyers make constant updating essential for those who work in these areas.

The CUOA marketing courses offer comprehensive skills and tools in keeping with the new dynamics, driven by digital media and by increasingly more attentive and selective consumers who want to be involved and to feel participatory by expressing their own opinion.

Marketing today means starting from the data and analysis of the market and its customers, it means acquiring information to define the quantitative targets of sales and profitability. An effective Communication tool is needed to reach end consumers and to convince them to buy. A good communication strategy sets qualitative goals aimed at defining the people to speak to and the way to speak to them.

Brand values that establish a relationship with the customer also need to be defined. Brand management plays a key role and requires comprehensive multimedia, measurable and effective plans of action.

This can only be achieved with specialised knowledge of analytical and communication tools and with the development of social, negotiating and emphatic skills.

For young graduates or student graduates, CUOA offers a full-time specialist master’s program, with compulsory paid internship, dedicated to retail management and marketing.

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