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The Master is a training, postgraduate, post-experience program, whose key value is managerial vision, developed pragmatically thanks to the direct link with the job world and to the concrete contents aimed at providing tools that can be immediately applied in a professional environment.

The Masters are divided into two main types: in terms of contents, the Masters of General Management (MBA) are designed to provide a comprehensive and integrated view of business management, and the Specialist Masters aim to provide technical skills relating to a specific function or thematic area, combined with interpersonal skills useful to develop leadership and teamwork skills; in terms of participation, the Master’s programs can be studied on a full-time or part-time basis.

The CUOA full-time Master’s programs are aimed at young graduates. They differ from university master’s degrees due to the program’s high integration with the job world. The Faculty consists of well-qualified managers and entrepreneurs and the methods applied make extensive use of projects, company visits, laboratory visits, testimonials and group work. They are full-immersion programs that allow students to concentrate and speed up the learning and training times through a daily commitment in the classroom and the presence of a compulsory final internship, which is important for entering the job world. The growth path for young students is intense: not only will they acquire the skills and tools necessary for any type of professional career, but they will be able to work on their strengths and weaknesses in order to identify a career path according to their attitudes and desires. Students can also take advantage of the extensive network of companies that collaborate with the business school and that usually share their job offers to find young professionals with high potential.

The CUOA part-time Master’s programs are for professionals, junior or senior managers, including non-graduates with extensive business experience, and are called Executive masters. They provide technical skills for the specific sector or area to which they refer. They are recommended for those who already hold a corporate position and want to reinforce and update their technical skills, also by integrating the preparation with strong managements fundamentals that are useful for vertical career advancement. The part-time Specialist Executive Master’s program allows students to reconcile study and work, and can be partly completed online, with the possibility of participating in some lessons from a distance, while continuing to maintain a close connection with other participants, thus offering opportunities to network and exchange views.

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