The MBA – Master of Business Administration is a general management program considered the best preparation for individuals who want to pursue a career in business management. The MBA program offers a complete and strategic vision of business management. It covers all aspects of business strategy and management and addresses the functions and processes of business, such as accounting and finance, marketing and sales, operations and supply chain, human resources etc.

A MBA program is also useful for professionals in specific business functions who want to consolidate, reinforce and enhance their skills and advance their careers, for individuals who are called to cover roles of responsibility within a company and to contribute to business development, for individuals who are already a company manager and want to consolidate, update and add to their studies to better perform their job.

The Master of Business Administration allows students to develop highly specialised management and interpersonal skills to make them good leaders, empathic, able to work in a team and to motive collaborators.

The MBA is available for either part-time or full-time study. Part time study involves a reduced monthly commitment that allows students to continue to build their professional careers while participating in the MBA. Full time study is intensive and the activities are carried out in a shorter timeframe, requiring daily attendance of lessons.

The Master of Business Administration is for individuals who have gained significant work experience and are seeking a career change. The CUOA MBA is for managers, professionals and entrepreneurs who have a University degree and have already started their career and for those who do not have a degree, but extensive business experience. The MBA aims at facilitating a change of professional focus, at accelerating a career path and contributing to the business development of a company.

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