Full-time International MBA

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  • Duration

    10 months

  • Recipients

    Highly motivated people, with proven professional experience and interest in operating in international and multicultural environments

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In collaboration with Ca' Foscari Challenge School

The International Master in Business Administration of CUOA Business School and Ca' Foscari Challenge School is a program in general management aiming to build the competences required to operate in international and multicultural environments, managing the internationalization and innovation processes of companies with the most updated digital technologies  and with a constant focus on responsible and sustainable development of business and societies.
The course is based on three main drivers of personal and professional growth: increase and consolidation of managerial skills and strategic vision; acquisition of cutting-edge knowledges for innovation and entrepreneurship; strengthening of the capacity to manage dynamic contexts and international businesses.

The learning methodology is based on an integrated approach, developed through concrete case studies and active participation of relevant business realities.
The MBA program includes proposes an international study tour and cross-learning activities with other international programs of CUOA Business School.
The course also offers a deep preparation on Life Skills. Specific sessions are dedicated to leadership development, strengthening of communication skills and stress management.
The International MBA requires a full time attendance and it is entirely taught in English, gathering talents from Italy and abroad.

  • Objectives

    The International MBA program aims to:

    - Develop a solid business culture in order to be prepared to effectively face the main challenges of the current global competition
    - Acquire knowledge and practical tools applicable to organizational processes
    Enrich participants’ mindset thanks to a constant exchange of views with managers and professionals who operate in international environments
    - Acquire the ability to understand the evolution of the global economic context and to seize the opportunities of new emerging markets
    - Learn to effectively interact with colleagues with different cultural values and behavior patterns
    - Strengthen transversal skills to improve effectiveness at work and to climb of the career ladder pursuant a constant search for a positive impact on business, societies and environment.

  • Program

    The program of the full-time International MBA features a range of diversified and continuous activities in order to guarantee an experience highly effective for the career growth.

    Core courses aimed at conveying an integrated vision of business processes. The following didactic modules - designed and structured with a constant orientation towards internationalization, sustainable develpment and digitalization - are included:
    - Corporate Strategy
    - Financial Accounting
    - Management Accounting
    - Corporate Finance
    - Marketing
    - People and Organization Management
    - Operations and Supply Chain Management
    - International Management
    - Product & Process Innovation
    - ICT Management
    - Responsible Management.

    This part of the program is consolidated by a business game - supported by a dedicated online platform - which simulates a competitive business environment where problem solving skills are tested and strategic decisions for the company growth are applied.

    In order to mold solid competences according to the constantly evolving global competitive context, the program includes sessions dedicated to start-ups and incubators. Meetings and workshops with major players in the innovation arena are planned for understanding the key levers for growth and success.

    An "Innovation & Creativity Lab" further enriches the program with activities carried out at the premises of an International company. A project considered by the company at the core of its innovation processes is developed by the students in collaboration with the company management.

    Finally, with the support of dedicated faculty members of CUOA Business School, students are challenged with the formulation of a "Business Plan" aiming to shape and structure an innovative idea into an integrated business.

    The last months of the Master program are fully dedicated to practice and consolidate the whole knowledge acquired with the aim to be able to face future work challenges with solid basis.
    Participants can choose one of the following paths included in the program:
    - international business project in collaboration with a company operating in the global scenario
    - development of a business idea and formulation of the relevant business plan for exploiting an entrepreneurial opportunity
    - field research activity.

    The program underlines the development of transversal skills through various tools used both in classroom and outdoor training; the prior aim is to assist on team building, orienteering, leadership tools, self-control and stress management skills, and public speaking.
    Furthermore and in order to look ahead to the career development, the program includes preparatory activities for work placement, such as the revision of the CV and dedicated sessions on the development and promotion of the personal and professional image as a real brand to be highlighted in the professional community.

    Strengthening its international connotation, the program proposes a one-week international study tour to a country representing a key player in managerial innovation and economic development. The study tour  features activities at local Business Schools, company visits and testimonials from managers and entrepreneurs.
    In order to increase the ability to manage multiculturalism in international environments, the program foresees a cross-learning experience with other international students and programs of CUOA Business School. For a period of three weeks, joint activities are carried out, such as lectures, company visits, project works and optional tours.

  • Teaching methods

    The approach and tools used in the International MBA are a consistent mix of teaching methods: classroom activities, study of business cases, exercises, company visits, business games, project works, workshops and seminars with managers and entrepreneurs.
    qualified and diversified faculty, grown at an international level, and the diversity of the participants themselves, XXXCUOASELECTXXXed with different educational and professional backgrounds, enable a rich comparison and exchange of experiences, and represent additional learning values.

    An online educational platform, facilitating the use of study materials, is available to students throughout the program.

    The results obtained in terms of knowledge and skills are highlighted through qualitative and quantitative methodologies, which can range from the analysis of business cases and direct experiences in the company to individual tests or group projects.


  • MBA Ambassadors

    “Among all the benefits of the course, I really appreciated two aspects: the knowledge and the mentality. And invaluable contacts, of course. Working every day with managers, experts and consultant… That is one of the biggest values of this program: the possibility to learn through the experience. I wanted to change my professional career, but moving from my confort zone to unknown territories is always hard. By choosing the International MBA at Fondazione CUOA, I gained two different improvements: a better competence in my professional field, and the chance to move on the job market with more freedom. I am glad to affirm that this MBA enriched me in many ways." 
    Federico Dal Lago
    Lawyer, Italia

    "The International MBA program at CUOA was an intense 9 month program but tremendously exciting in both professional and personal terms. This MBA program is a top class option for any student who is seeking individual attention and working with experienced professors and professionals. Fewer students allowed me to have a favorable interaction not only with the trainers but with class mates as well. In the last few months of the MBA program, the students have to complete some project works with different companies on challenging business scenarios, which I really enjoyed. In the end, I would like to thank CUOA for providing me the opportunity to equip myself with different management tools."
    Hassan Azhar Butt
    Electronic Engineer, Pakistan

  • Admissions

    The International MBA addresses candidates who meet the following requirements:
    - excellent study curriculum (Degree in any discipline or equivalent qualification obtained abroad)
    - professional experience of at least 3 years
    - English proficiency (written and spoken).

    Ideal candidates are expected also to prove:
    - high motivation and proactive approach
    - flexibility and adaptability
    - educational and/or professional experiences in international contexts
    - strong aptitude for multicultural environments.

    In case of candidates with high professional profile and strong study background, the Admission Board will exceptionally evaluate the possibility of admission even in the absence of university/college degree.

    Candidates must go through the selection procedure to have access to the master.

  • Ca' Foscari Challenge School

    Founded in 1868 as the Royal Higher School of Commerce, the first School of Advanced Studies of Economics and Commerce in Italy and the second in Europe, Ca' Foscari is a modern university carrying out advanced research and innovative projects that ensure excellence in its educational offer. 
    Ca' Foscari University of Venice stands out for its authoritative and internationally recognized faculty, for the internationalization of its students and PhDs and for the ability to attract high-level researchers on interdisciplinary topics. Continuous investments in career development of young researchers have made Ca' Foscari one of the most sought after European host institutions, and have created the largest Italian community of alumni of an 'Erasmus' of researchers. 
    For over ten years, Ca' Foscari Challenge School has been the reference point for Higher Education of the Ca' Foscari University of Venice, involving Ca' Foscari academics and external professionals of national and international relevance.
    Its offer includes post-graduate Masters, Executive Masters, Higher Education courses and tailor-made training.
    Ca' Foscari Challenge School believes in the importance of knowledge and competences as the foundation of the competitiveness of businesses and territories, and builds lifelong and corporate training programs for greater competitiveness and productivity of private businesses and public institutions.
    Thanks to innovative teaching that combines the flexibility of online with the ability to interact in person in thematic workshops, Ca' Foscari Challenge School supports the professional growth of people through new skills and interaction with companies.
    Since 2020, the school has been directed by Stefano Micelli, professor of International Management at the Department of Management of the Ca' Foscari University of Venice.

  • Selection process

    Selections are organized upon appointment with the Admission Board, who is available to set a Skype interview according to the candidate requests and time zone.

    Selection process
    - Analysis of studies and professional curriculum
    - Critical Resoning Test
    - English Test (native speakers excluded)
    - Interview.

    In order to have access to the selection process, candidates need to complete and submit by email to the following records:
    - application form
    - up-to-date curriculum vitae
    - certified copy of university/college degree
    - passport-size picture.

    Candidates who have recently certified their English proficiency (for example through TOEFL or IELTS) and/or have taken GMAT or GRE test are required to include copy of the results in their application dossier.
    Letters of motivation and references are welcome if available.

    The non-repayable fee of the selection process is € 100.00 (VAT included).



  • Tuition fee

    The tuition fee is € 25,000.00
    CUOA Business School and Ca' Foscari Challenge School provide opportunities of reductions.  For more information visit - Full Time International MBA - or write to

  • Career Development

    The International MBA represents an important investment in career development: it provides participants with solid relational skills and managerial competences and enables the acquisition of an integrated vision of the business system.

    Furthermore, it strengthens business abilities allowing participants to effectively communicate with all the functional areas in the organizations, enhancing the possibility to aspire to professional roles of greater responsibility.

  • Duration and committment

    The International MBA consists of 12 months of concrete experience.
    The attendance is in a full time formula and it is structured as follows:
    500 hours of in-class activities: Monday to Thursday from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm;
    Dedicated workshops and cross-learning sessions could be scheduled on Fridays.
    1 residential week abroad;
    3-day experiential activity:  Innovation & Creativity Lab;
    3 months of final projectFinal Challenge.

    The commitment of participants in offline mode, for completing assignments and for individual study, is also foreseen.
    Attendance is mandatory: the maximum absence allowance is 15% of the structured teaching activities.

  • Free orientation service

    The International MBA Staff is available for a free orientation talk without any obligation.
    The orientation has the aim to:
    - focus on acquired experiences and skills
    - share personal and professional aspirations
    - identify primary future achievements and the most appropriate training solutions.

  • Contacts

    International MBA Team

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