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Interviews: key tools for understanding what your customer really wants

  • Start/End date

    13.07.2021 - 19.07.2021

  • Duration

    6 hours

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Duration: 6 hours, 3 live lessons
Date and time: 13, 15 and 19 July, 2021 | from 6.00 to 8.00 PM CEST

Trainer: Andrea De Muri

Asking clients what they want is not always a good idea. They will tell you what they think you want to hear and they can misguide you with their answers. The ability to ask the right question is a science that can be studied and mastered. Recent studies prove that 5 interviews conducted in person can collect enough information to spot a trend and to improve dramatically the chances of success of a new project. Interviews are a key tool for designers, startupper, and business people who want to improve the product they are offering or to find new market opportunities.


  • Objectives

    This course will teach the secrets of conducting interviews with clients, understanding what their needs are and how you can solve them. You will learn how to define the framework of the interview, based on the project you are working on and the type of information you need to get.
    You will then experience how to conduct the interview in practice, and how to analyze and use the information collected when back to your workplace.

  • Program

    FIRST SESSION - 2 hours
    Rules and tips for the right interview.

    SECOND SESSION - 2 hours
    Defining the product space and the value of your idea
    Creating the framework of what you need to learn.

    THIRD SESSION - 3 hours
    Preparing and conducting the interview
    Analyzing the results and incorporating them into your project.

  • Participation fee

    - Individual non-holder of V.A.T. Number: € 270,00 V.A.T. included
    - Company or Professional, holder of V.A.T. Number: € 270,00 + V.A.T. (22%)
    - CUOA Founding/Supporting Member; CUOA Master Current students and Alumni; Past and current Students of executive courses of over 60 hours: € 170,00 + V.A.T. (22%)
    - Former Student of CUOA-IBS International Winter/Summer Programs: € 135,00 V.A.T. included

    The course will be activated upon reaching a minimum number of enrolled students in order to guarantee the quality and relevance of learning dynamics.

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