Operations and Supply Chain


Operations and Supply Chain

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A Supply Chain is the process that involves the entire chain and allows delivering or providing a product or service to the end customer, creating value for the consumer.

A value chain for the customer is a competitive advantage for companies and becomes strategic to govern the management flows in a comprehensive way. Specialised skills are required to govern with confidence the entire flow, as well as broader skills. For example, those in charge of guiding the chain or who are integral for its proper functioning must understand the business strategy for the market. They must know the finance in its basic logics, they must be a project manager and know how to manage complex projects in terms of the different activities, functions and number of resources involved.

With its natural commitment to management, CUOA offers solutions aimed at transforming a good logistics technician or procurement officer into a manager able to drive the value chain towards the customer, providing specialist skills and developing very strong social skills.

The training courses are designed to create new operations managers and supply chain managers. They are for professionals who want to grow vertically in the function, and who already have a management position and want to transform their technical role into a strategic role for the success of the company, capable of contributing proactively to the change and development of the customer.


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