Public Administrations

Public Administrations are called upon to act in the interests of citizens and to develop a more streamlined and faster flow for the provision of public services. There is also a lot of talk about efficiency and effectiveness, of simplification and enhancement of the service to the public.

The spreading of a managerial culture in the management of public entities and in the performance of their jobs allows redefining the methods for providing services and sharing information with the public, with the precise aim of putting them at the centre and of providing a high-quality service.

To do this, Public Administrations need to enhance and develop the skills of their personnel, giving them the tools they can use immediately to acquire knowledge, expertise and the ability to take responsibility when performing their daily activities.

For years, CUOA has been developing research, training and consulting actions aimed at providing concrete solutions for organisational improvement, resource management, planning and communication of Public Administrations.

The projects start from an ex-ante analysis to define the executive strategy, followed by on-the-spot monitoring to observe the progress compared to the objectives, and conclude with an evaluation phase to compare and interpret the results achieved.

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