Transversal skills

More and more often companies are looking for professionals with excellent transversal skills such as leadership, negotiation, team work, empathy and flexibility, ability to make decisions under pressure and in difficult situations, to delegate, and create awareness within an organisation. These are so-called “soft skills” which are typically management skills. The development of these skills helps individuals to grow stronger and become more confidence, to give them with the techniques and tools necessary to handle difficult situations and to do their job more effectively.

Even those who have solid professional experience need to develop these organisational skills, which are very relevant and essential to cover positions of greater responsibility.

The training activities offered by CUOA use indoor teaching methods, with the active involvement of participants, and also outdoor teaching methods with group and individual activities. Some examples are outdoor training, which stimulates the reflection on one’s career path, team building, which works on each person’s behavioural characteristics and allows seeing their strengths and weaknesses through the eyes of their colleagues; orienteering, aimed at finding “the path for reaching a goal” by overcoming any obstacles.

These are only some of the CUOA proposals for the development of transversal skills, incorporated as an integral part of the MBA, master’s programs and executive courses. They are also offered as individual lessons of one or more days and as activities tailored to companies and organisations.

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