Young graduates/Undergraduates


Young graduates/Undergraduates

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What shall I do after graduation? How can I speed up my entry into the job world? Do I need to reply to all the ads in the numerous “job search” websites? These are typical questions raised by young people who have to make a choice as they approach their Graduation.
Clearly, the goal is to enter the job market and to start working, but sometimes it is also necessary to reflect and try to focus on your abilities and skills, and transform them into a successful professional career, also learning how to present yourself in the right way and to confidently handle the first interviews and experiences.
CUOA was founded in 1957 as a post-graduate school of specialisation. A lot of time has passed and much experienced gained, and one thing stands out: there are lots of talented young people with the desire to work and prove themselves, but sometimes the right alchemy and the right encounters and conditions do not exist to ensure that an attitude and an aspiration become a job opportunity.
The CUOA training proposals are aimed at young graduates or student graduates, both three-year and specialist, from all university faculties. They are designed with the utmost consideration of what companies want today and consequently model the programs according to the most requested skills and professionalism.
The panel of companies that recruit high potential young graduates from CUOA increases year after year: a privileged access point into the job world.

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