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The importance of lifelong learning and professional updating

The importance of lifelong learning and professional updating



The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our social and economic order at a speed and on a scale that we have not seen in living memory. Our personal and professional life is confronted with abrupt changes, and we are continuously challenged by the need to understand and adapt to an uncertain and rapidly evolving scenario.

In such a context, gaining new skills and competences by taking advantage of appropriate higher education and training opportunities is fundamental.

In fact, investing in training:

  • Accelerates growth and development of both technical and personal skills
  • Makes you more competitive and prepared to face different and changing labor market conditions
  • Stimulates personal growth and the ability to act in a spirit of initiative and proactivity
  • Makes you aware of your own value and your own preparation
  • Allows you to deal with managers and professionals in positions of importance that can contribute to the development of your role.

But how to identify the skills you need most, and how to choose training opportunities that best fit your training needs?

Before starting a course, try to have a clear point of arrival and check learning objectives, so you can well contextualize and internalize each concept you learn.
Evaluate the structure and contents of the course and verify that it provides tools and techniques immediately applicable or spendable in the world of work.
A course is useful to become more competent and skillful, but can also let you be more proficient in making fruitful relationships and progress in our professional path. Prefer courses that encourage comparison and sharing of experiences among participants.
Training must allow you to gain experience and exercise in a different context from the usual. Testimonials or interventions focused on best practices, which can be adapted to your working reality, are important, as well as particularly important are experienced teachers, able to be concrete and pragmatic.

Paolo Bellamoli, International Projects Director CUOA Business School

Online Courses in English

The catalogue includes live courses only, offered in synchronous mode, as we particularly value and prioritize the direct interaction and discussion between participants and trainers.

Courses are designed, delivered and managed according to the distinctive quality and service standards of CUOA’s offering: you will be effectively engaged with trainers and participants, as well as with a CUOA dedicated team who will support you in all phases of distance learning.

Furthermore, a didactic space specifically reserved for your virtual classroom will be at your disposal on our learning platform.
At the end of each lesson, teaching materials, operational tools presented by the trainer, exercises and reference bibliography will be shared to allow you effectively reach your learning objectives.
Finally, CUOA will support you in assessing your learning providing you with a final evaluation feedback. A CUOA participation certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course.


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