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Business Strategy and Marketing Management

  • Data Inizio/Fine

    08.01.2018 - 25.01.2018

  • Durata

    3 weeks

  • Destinatari

    Young graduates and professionals

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  • Borse di studio

    15 Scholarship for Italian students

Three intensive weeks to develop a very practical look at the best practices to strength the brand image in consumers’ minds and to reflect upon the usage of emerging models to design new marketing strategies to be developed in different industries. Top international brands reach authentic, iconic and global status thanks to strategic, long-term product, brand and customer management decisions. Participants will experience how to use marketing and branding to build strong and enduring businesses and gain new insight into the importance and value of a strongly differentiated brand. This knowledge and skills can be immediately applied to leverage your brand for increased customer loyalty, competitive advantage and profitability. Strong brand examples from USA, Asia and Europe will be presented in order to provide an international perspective.
Participants will be provided with up-to-date tools for analysing a firm’s competitive environment, and for managing different types of industry settings on a cross-cultural approach to the markets, looking for new tools that should be used in the present internationalization.
Company visits to internationally successful Italian companies will enrich the competencies of the participants on business strategies and marketing management, offering the opportunity to integrate different points of view with a practical prospective from the business world.
The strong applicability of the course will allow participants to analyze major current highlights regarding the new consumer habits all over the world, comparing approaches in a multicultural class, where the ability to effectively interact with people from all over the world, to carry on team works reaching successful results, to create network and redefine boundaries will be fostered, while enjoying a multicultural experience in Italy.
The core program is complemented by the possibility to participate in two optional study tours, respectively to the World Trade Organization in Geneva and to the Fashion District of Milan.

  • Objectives

    This intensive program is addressed to young graduates and professionals interested in Business Administration and motivated to broaden their knowledge, upgrade their job-related skills and boost their career. It aims to transfer the latest issues affecting branding and brand management, while developing the comprehension and capabilities of how brands create value, how to create and sustain strong brands, create competitive brand positioning, learn the key tools and techniques for managing a portfolio of brands, develop a more informed perspective on global branding, and how to capitalize on the ever-expanding world of new media. The brand management part is complemented with: definition of industry boundaries; characteristics to be accounted for when evaluating the potential profitability of different businesses; evolution of the industry’s competitive scenarios; advantages and disadvantages of the basic competitive strategies; pathways to strategic innovation.

    A last part of the program aims to underline the most important focus points useful to design new marketing strategies to be developed in different industries, and retail key trends to better understand what could be the new competitive arena in the near future to catch and satisfy the new customers’ needs.


  • Program

    International business strategy: people & markets
    The globalization of markets and the role of distance
    The analysis of foreign market attractiveness
    The internationalization process
    The foreign entry modes
    The analysis of firms' international activities
    The cross-cultural approach
    Acquainted and non-acquainted markets
    First, second and third mover strategies

    Brand Management
    Modern Brand Management concepts
    Codes of the Luxury industry. Signs, Symbols, Lifestyle
    Characteristics and development of a luxury goods brand. Creating emotions, experience
    Anti-laws of luxury marketing. Building brand identity
    Increasing Equity through Brand extensions. Entering the dream
    The Licensing lifecycle. Timing, Coherency, Re-investment
    Benchmark Brand Case Study: Luxury takes time to develop
    Current Luxury brand management practices: Co-Branding, Merchandising, New categories

    New consumer behaviour and retail issues
    TradingUp vs.TradingDown
    The modern revolution of Low Cost products and services
    How we Buy: Men, Women, Baby Boomers and Kids
    Worldwide retail trends and distribution channels
    The 3 pillars of a perfect shop
    Merchandising, Location&Store Design, Personnel & Point-of-Sale Management
    The example of Fashion shops
    Creativity management.


  • Teaching methods

    The program features 48 hours of lectures and 40 hours of practical didactic activities, inclusive of company visits and project works. Activities are scheduled from Monday to Thursday, from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.
    The didactic methodology is of an active type, oriented to an effective involvement of participants, who are engaged in practical activities, teamwork, discussion of business cases, simulations and exercises, in order to effectively transmit and practice what have been learnt day by day.

  • Fee and scholarships

    The tuition fee is € 4,600.00 + 22% VAT.

    70% of the tuition fee
    Tuition fee with scholarship awarded: € 1,380.00 + 22% VAT
    Award criteria: first come first served basis
    Number of scholarship available: 15
    Deadline for application: 2017, June 30th.


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    International Project staff
    Phone number: 0444 333744
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