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Global Challenge - International Business & Strategy Simulation

€550,00 +IVA
  • Data Inizio/Fine

    07.06.2021 - 16.06.2021

  • Durata

    12 hours

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Duration: 12 hours
Date and time: 7, 9, 14 and 16 June, 2021 | from 5.00 to 8.00 PM CEST.

Instructor: Nicolás Kfuri

A global strategy game carried out with highly effective guidance from the trainer and supported by one of the best online game in the market. It’s the perfect experience to train you and your team on all aspects involved in managing an international company operation: from Strategy to Marketing, Production, Supply Chain, Tax and Accounting, Finance, HR, and Sales decisions.
It’s played by teams or individually, competing in a virtual environment making decisions and reviewing the firms KPI’s evolution on every round. It’s an exciting, challenging and stimulating experience that helps participants learning by doing.
An excellent opportunity to develop soft skills such as team spirit and leadership.

This simulation-based course is part of our special catalogue of online training courses.
The catalogue includes live courses only, offered in synchronous mode, as we particularly value and prioritize the direct interaction and discussion between participants and trainers.
Courses are designed, delivered and managed according to the distinctive quality and service standards of CUOA’s offering: you will be effectively engaged with trainers and participants, as well as with a CUOA dedicated team who will support you in all phases of distance learning. To ensure the highest engagement, a limited number of seats is available, and early registration is recommended. 
​Finally, CUOA will support you in assessing your learning providing you with a final evaluation feedback

A CUOA participation certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course.

  • Objectives

    The purpose of this simulation-based course is to provide a hands-on experience, a discussion platform, and a forum of ideas, on the journey of integrating previously acquired functional area-specific knowledge, to avoid common silos-driven visions and assure a global business perspective.
    One of the most critical skills a manager needs to develop as he/she moves upward in the organizational hierarchy is the ability to align various organizational departments and functions into a common goal. Specialization gives place to a multidisciplinary approach.

    Specifically, the game aims at:
    - Increasing the understanding of the implications of a global business operation
    - Enhancing the capability to comprehend the interaction among functional areas
    - Improving the ability to make company-wide decisions
    - Training decision making processes under time pressure
    - Further developing team-work, negotiation, and leadership skills.

  • Program

    FIRST SESSION - 3 hours: Simulation Presentation - Initial Decision
    Simulation Introduction.
    Decision Round #1

    Read the provided Decision-Making Manual.

    SECOND SESSION – 3 hours: Internationalization and Growth Strategy
    Decision Round #2
    Decision Round #3

    Analyze the reports provided after the previous decision

    THIRD SESSION – 3 hours: Consolidation Strategy
    Decision Round #4
    Decision Round #5
    Decision Round #6

    Analyse the reports provided after the previous decision

    FOURTH SESSION – 3 hours: Long-Term Sustainable Strategy
    Decision Round #7
    Decision Round #8

    Round Table Discussion: Q&A among teams
    Game Conclusions and Simulation Closure

    Analyze the reports provided after the previous decision.

  • Participation requirements and Participants profile

    The simulation-based course is open to any participant that wants to experience, first-hand, the challenges of running a global corporation. Ideally, the participant will have a previous business background, either due to his professional activities or his academic studies. The game offers a wonderful opportunity to non-business professionals to exchange ideas and learn from the diverse profile of their team colleagues.

    Participants will be provided with an instruction manual that will have to be read prior to the start of the course.

  • Participation fee

    - Individual non-holder of V.A.T. Number: € 550,00 V.A.T. included
    - Company or Professional, holder of V.A.T. Number: € 550,00 + V.A.T. (22%)
    - CUOA Founding/Supporting Member; CUOA Master Alumnus; 
    - Student of executive courses of over 60 hours, with billing to the company: € 350,00 + V.A.T. (22%)
    - Former Student of CUOA-IBS International Winter/Summer Programs: € 275,00 V.A.T. included

    The course will be activated upon reaching a minimum number of enrolled students in order to guarantee the quality and relevance of learning dynamics.

  • Registration and payment methods

    To proceed with registration and payment click on the "ACQUISTA" button and follow the instructions.

  • We can deliver this course specifically for your company.

    CUOA Business School offers tailor-made training projects that are designed on companies specific needs.

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