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Strategy and Marketing: starting from the customer and point of sale perspective

Strategy and Marketing: starting from the customer and point of sale perspective

By Jacopo Filippo Bargellini​, International Programs Faculty Member

Marketing strategy and customers are two poles of a dynamic process in which a series of crucial steps must be taken into consideration, including the identification of market opportunities, the value of the offer and the location, physical or virtual, through which goods and services can reach the final consumer.

Retail today sees an extraordinary development and cannot ignore the concept of experience, which derives from a careful analysis of the customer journey.

In the case of the most innovative companies, it spans from its actual creation to the moment of brand communication, to the management of the after sales service. In particular in the physical or virtual experience of retail, even if the object of the sale is a product, it is necessary to create a real system of service design by defining the blueprints, that is the organization and management of everything that contributes to success of sales and of which the customer perceives the results.
This is organized around the so-called touchpoints which are all those moments, places or situations during which contact takes place between the company and its customers, acquired or potential. In this perspective it is essential to understand what is the percentage of the propensity to purchase in relation to each touchpoint, so to be able to create the best marketing strategy, also and above all taking advantage of customer engagement, which is now enhanced by the wide diffusion of social media.

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