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The Pandemic make us question our believes and habits

The Pandemic make us question our believes and habits

By Augusto Chiericati, International Programs Faculty Member

The Pandemic that we are currently living make us question our believes and habits. The world is changing, nothing will be like it was before and, when a sort of normality will come over again, significant changes will also emerge in most economic structures.
Global Lockdown that many industrialised countries are currently experiencing shows that the most complex and bureaucratic structures are suffering more than the ones organised in lean and client-oriented companies.
Change is inevitable, and more than now it is needed that companies embrace an improving mindset. Change is indeed difficult to face, there is no single recipe to use to get the attitude necessary to shift from where you are standing, however the following points can help move even the most difficult person to a new behaviour standpoint:

  • Be straightforward: tell how things are right now, be bold, be solid. Remember, when you have bad news, tell them directly, that is the best way to deliver it. Get facts and data, be scientific, show proofs that tell you that if you don’t change, threats will be more and more realistic.
  • Show a change roadmap: tell that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It could mean a change on status quo that will disrupt dogmas that need to be let go.
  • Tell a compelling story: to reinforce that change need to be followed, a story about a successful case can be the game changer. If it is told by people that worked toward a transformation, that could be a plus.
  • Start new habits: show what are the new routines that you must follow to change your situation. Start with the simplest ones, what to avoid, what to get used to. Discipline is key.
  • Keep track and give feedback: show figures that tell you that your organisation is going to the right direction. If not, get facts and figures that proof that something is wrong and address your efforts to correct it.
  • Celebrate: change is a hard journey to follow, frustration is always behind the corner. Set milestones, organise events every once you find yourselves overcoming significant hurdles. Recognise the effort tell your people that the big goal is closer, show them where do they come from, so everybody in organisation will believe that change is possible.

More and more organisations are believing that Continuous Improvement need to be part of their culture, and challenges in Change Management are becoming more and more familiar. Modern leadership needs a repertoire of skills that books cannot be the only source to be acquainted with. First step is to be mindful of their importance. Practice is the rest of the story.

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