Complexity Management Community

Complexity Management Community

Call for the “Manifesto”

The Complexity Management Community promoted by CUOA Business School intends to be a community of practice where members can exchange knowledge and experience in the field of complexity sciences applied to management.
This "community of practice" aims to be a place where every member of the community has the opportunity for lifelong learning based on the sharing of skills, practices, ideas, studies, research, experiments, etc.
Intelligence is distributed and must be captured and valued in sharing environments such as that of the community. The future belongs to many-minded organizations and we intend to be like a Renaissance “workshop” where people can increase their awareness, learn, interact, compare and improve their skills.
Communities of practice are self-organized systems based on common interests, professional diversity, mutual relationships, both tacit and explicit knowledge exchange, and cooperative learning. The construction of a shared collective knowledge allows the development of an authentic cognitive redundancy based on open-mindedness, new perspectives, intellectual curiosity and deviance. The prize up for grabs is flattering: a cognitive enrichment to navigate as “wise” in the seas of complexity.


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